Hitachi M12VC Variable-Speed Router Review

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Weighing only 7.3 pounds, the Hitachi M12VC variable speed router is a powerful electronic router that is capable of control the making of smooth cuts into a variety of materials. It’s quiet operation, easy adjustments as well as groove cutting, chamfering, window cutting, trimming and sharpen cutting capabilities have made it a welcomed addition to most workshops. Click here to SAVE $126.87 on the Hitachi M12VC Variable-Speed Router for a limited time only!

The M12VC’s 11 Amp produces more speed thus makes it more easy to cut through any material with ease and even despite it having such a powerful motor it still operates quietly being that it has a class leading noise level of about 79.5 that greatly reduces vibrations as well as the general control. With the handles wrapped in elastomer compound that serves to minimize the vibrations, there are two stage motors for quick easy and accurate adjustments, the fixed base is meant to offer a smoothen surface for easy gliding over the workpiece without scratching.

Hitachi M12VC Router Features & Specifications

  • Powered by an 11-amp variable speed motors
  • Ranging from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM with soft start
  • Electronic feedback system allows the bit to maintain the set RPM throughout all cuts
  • Easy-to-use fixed base dials up and down along heavy duty grooves
  • Includes 1 1/4″-collet chuck, 1 23mm wrench, 1 16mm wrench
  • Comes with 1 template guide adapter, and 1 template guide centering adjuster
  • Backed by 5-year warranty

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The Hitachi M12VC router follows the traditional method of systematic innovations and together with its variety of professionally graded application capabilities it has not only made hitachi a leader in power tool research and development but is also helped it continually achieve firsts in the fast growing power tool industry owing to the fact that they continually introduce new features in addition to the already classic quality.

Combining its best design with an unmatched electronic feedback router motor, the M12VC’s runs on an electronic feedback system that allows the bit maintain the rpm it’s set at throughout all cuts thus increasing the performance while minimizing tear and wear.  This variable speed plunge router from hitachi is a perfect combination of unique design with au unmatched electronic feedback router motor that is powered by a 11A variable speed motor with bits usable with most of the available templates’ or guide. There is a simple dial up and down along the heavy duty grooves with a scale ring that reads the exact depth of any cut made.

Hitachi M12VC Review

There are so many positive reviews online about the Hitachi M12VC router, with most people overwhelmed by the quietness of this device, some still feel lucky for having came across the router during promotions and for getting convinced to buy it at its retail price back then and have since ever been having numerous echoes’ about the positive experiences they have had using this device. Others say the bought this device because of its feedback speed control which is making them unload all the others they have and upgrading them. Click here to read more reviews.

Others in the course of using this device have bitterly cautioned that as much as it has a lot of advantages over the other known routers a few people have argued that they have problems with the device’s collet(s) releasing bits and that the design seems a little odd. The issue of quick wear of the carbon brushes has also prominently featured but has been taken care of by the company who offer a five years guarantee upon purchase of this hitachi variable speed router.

From the many reviews by people using the hitachi m12vc 2-1/4-horsepower variable-speed router, the design, quality of out put as well as its relatively affordability has made this device one tool that is a must in very many workshops as it is considered a guarantee to the best results when used. Click here to check it out.

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